Some Assembly presents their new Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group (RHYTAG) play
Dream Catchers

April 30 – May 3 — Free Admission including talkback sessions

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre

In a countdown to graduation, nine teenagers struggle to catch their dreams as they are faced with the daunting questions of who they are and what comes after high school. Amidst the drama of grad preparations, gossip and judgment soar with the facebook reveal of Edward bragging about having had sex with Michelle. From this, the characters grapple with the consequences of society’s double standards regarding sex and the unexpected emotional consequences. Dream Catchers shows the importance of thinking before we act and being aware of how our words and actions affect ourselves and others.

Some Assembly is now in its 13th year creating and producing youth driven plays that build awareness, promote wellness and encourage dialogue about issues facing teens with its Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group Project (RHYTAG). Dream Catchers is written and performed by VANCOUVER YOUTH in collaboration with Some Assembly theatre artists Valerie Methot, Ken Lawson, Jeremy Baxter, Chandra Lesmeister, Anna Talbot and Allen Morrison.

Show Location:

Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre (corner of Davie St. and Pacific Blvd)

Show Times:

Wednesday April 30 – 1:30pm
Thursday May 1 – 11:00am
Thursday May 1 – 1:30pm
Friday and Saturday May 2 and 3 – 7:30pm

For reservations contact Ken Lawson: 604-603-5247 or kenlawson@shaw. ca

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