How Star Wars Saved My Life


Some Assembly is proud to be the producing company of ‘How Star Wars Saved My Life’, written by Nicholas Harrison. Valerie is thrilled to be the dramaturg and director of this new Canadian play.

Working with key artists Nicholas Harrison, Ken Hollands, John Webber, Jeremy Baxter, Trena Hollands and a whole team of additional artists, production for this play will begin in 2016. Through the playwright’s own experiences, the play takes us on an autobiographical journey and transformation of post-traumatic growth. This project advocates for children’s rights. It advances education with the promotion of awareness, dialogue and prevention. It advances excellence in the arts with its originality, boldness and inspiration. The originality of this project uses the power of pop culture’s iconic Star Wars, revealing how the film was integral to this child’s coping with abuse, giving a sense of hope that good can triumph over evil.

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