Missing from Me


Missing from Me was performed to full audiences from May 4 – May 7, 2016 at the Roundhouse Performance Centre, Vancouver, BC. (Vancouver, BC)

MFM-RHMissing from Me is a new and original Canadian production that brought together a culturally diverse group of youth including Mongolian, Japanese, French, Squamish Nation, Greek, Kurdish, Chinese, and Serbian. In an unexpected twist, eleven travellers at a train station must adapt to a sudden change in their plans. Due to this situation that is beyond their control, they are confronted with life altering decisions and end up discovering true inner strength and what family means to them. Issues addressed in the play involve abuse, transphobia, and the importance of support.

Missing from Me was written and performed by VANCOUVER YOUTH: Lauren Preissl (Vancouver), Christopher Rahim (East Vancouver), Nicholas Roe (Langley), Brogan Ho (Burnaby), Tuya Mendee (Vancouver), Elodie Doumenc (West Vancouver), Joe Baker (East Vancouver), Madeleine Konst (Vancouver), Parker Phelan (Vancouver), Una Spasovski (Vancouver), and Marina Haga (Vancouver). In collaboration with Some Assembly Theatre artists Valerie Methot, Ken Lawson, Jeremy Baxter, Trena Hollands and Allen Morrison.

Missing from Me was made possible by the generosity of our partners and funders:
Vancouver Coastal Health, Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre, Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation, Telus, BC Arts Council, Ministry of Children & Family Development, Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver, Vancity, Edith Lando Charitable Foundation, Hamber Foundation, PeerNet BC, Vancouver School Board, Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Methotical Productions, Scene Ideas and Watari.

Key Partners: Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre and Vancouver Coastal Health

Community Partners: Sarah McLachlan School of Music, PeerNet BC, Vancouver School Board, Methotical Productions, Watari, and Scene Ideas Inc.

Supporters: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, BC Arts Council, Telus, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver, Vancity, Hamber Foundation, Edith Lando Charitable Foundation, Private Donors.


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