Valerie Methot

Valerie Methot is co-founder, executive and artistic director of Some Assembly Arts Society.She is a community engaged theatre artist, director, writer and designer. Her innovative theatre work tackles important life issues with an authentic approach and raw absurdist style that is effective and entertaining. Valerie is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth expression through the development of new and original collaborative theatre work. An artist-in-residence at the Roundhouse since 2002 she founded the Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group Project (RHYTAG) as a way for youth and artists to collaborate on the creation of engaging plays based on issues important to youth. She has facilitated and directed twenty-three collaborative plays in Vancouver with more than five hundred youth. The RHYTAG project received the City of Vancouver Youth Award for outstanding contribution to the youth community. Valerie was nominated for Canada’s Siminovitch theatre directing award and is director/writer of several plays including: Treated with Tango, EXPOSE, Getting the Trendies, Marbles and Take a Breath. Her plays, paintings and installations have been shown provincially, nationally and internationally. Valerie achieved a BFA from Concordia and MFA in theatre directing from UBC.