Heather McCrae

Heather McCraeExpressive Arts Support

Heather is thrilled to be in her fourth year with Some Assembly Theatre Company! She is an Expressive Arts Therapist, and an award-winning television director and writer. Heather uses play and imagination to delve into inner worlds where core selves are discovered and given voice. Poetry, visual arts, movement, puppetry, video creating, creative writing and mask making are just a few of the tools she uses to facilitate the ascent into self ‘re’-discovery. Heather has delighted in bringing this healing work to vulnerable school age children and their teachers. She has also facilitated Zoom mask making workshops for people and their families living with cancer. Presently Heather works with outpatients as a Primary Expressive Arts Therapist at the Paradise Valley Healing Center in Squamish and is marching her way through obtaining her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Year after year Heather feels incredibly honoured and humbled to witness the RHYTAG youth find their voices through this unique experience of self-realisation through art, ultimately connecting with a lifelong access to their unique wisdom and belonging.