Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group Project (RHYTAG)

Since 2002, the RHYTAG project has been building community and engaging youth with the community at large using theatre as the artistic tool to inspire awareness and discussion of youth ideas, issues and concerns. This project brings diverse populations of Vancouver youth together with professional theatre artists in the collaborative creation and performance of new plays for public audiences every year. The plays feature talkback sessions and youth support through Vancouver Coastal Health. Post-show workshops are available to promote further dialogue about topics addressed in the play.

The project was awarded the City of Vancouver Youth Award for outstanding contribution to the youth community. This project has seen many talented youth over the years with some continuing on with careers and post-secondary education in performance, backstage technical, design, script writing, music, film, journalism, education, counselling, radio, and directing.

“I find the writing process rewarding. Being able to out ideas and issues that I feel are relevant into a play and actually having these ideas acted out on stage is an amazing experience for a youth, especially during an age when many feel their voices are not heard.” – Ljudmila Petrovic

“This project is a very important part of my life as it is to all the other participants in the group. it is a great way for young people to be able to voice their opinion through great art.” – Dacotah Glenn

Audience Feedback:

“This play gave me an understanding that youth have many pressures and stresses that are not necessarily visible.”

“Opening up to people is important. This youth group is amazing for writing their own stories and performing it. Amazing.”

“A performance like this can change people’s lives.”

“It was beautiful. It was a good reminder to collaborate with artists.”

“What an important project the RHYTAG is! It changed my family’s life!”

“I’m inspired by the confidence and support the youth showed to one another.”

“It’s good that young people have a chance to express themselves through drama.”

“This was simply an awesome play.”

“I’ve never seen youth so engaged at a theatre production.” – Artistic Director of Theatre La Seizieme, Craig Holzschuh

“This project allows people to express what is important to them using theatre. I think encouraging youth to do so, is a vital part of becoming compassionate and thoughtful adults.” – Youth Participant, Harpreet Gill