Latisha Wadhams

Latisha WadhamsRHYTAG Alum: Poet/Mentor in Writing

Latisha resides in the Kwago’ł motherlands, old smoke of the world. First Nations Language Revitalization is the dream. She works in language revitalization at Sanyakola society where she works closely with fluent Elders of the village. She also assists in running the Language Nest teaching language to children, ages 0-5. Another aspect of her job is based on technology + language and transcribing to ensure record of the Kwakwaka’wakw language. She is honored to be in her fourth year with Some Assembly, creating and discussing what matters. She was writer/actor in Home and The Release Party where she brought Warrior Women into the spotlight showcasing the power and fierceness each woman holds within. As a RHYTAG alum she wrote ‘A love letter for the land’ for Some Assembly’s production Uprooted and joined writing workshops for Breakwater. Latisha enjoys writing poetry, exploring the beach and ocean.