a love letter to the land…

A Some Assembly Theatre Production with the Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group

Uprooted is a digitally adapted theatre production that stems from conversations with over a hundred diverse youth who are anxious about climate change. What was to be presented live, this production was filmed at the York Theatre in Vancouver due to COVID-19 restrictions. Written by youth with professional playwright Valerie Methot, and produced by a team of youth and professionals across Canada, Uprooted strengthens response to climate change and promotes mental health management.

Three friends on an annual camping trip must suddenly face a threat to the BC forest they love. Will they take a stand for future generations and protect what they view as sacred?

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Press links:

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Stir: https://www.createastir.ca/articles/uprooted-some-assembly

Jay Minter: http://www.jayminter.com/category/souds/theatre/page/3/


Uprooted exists within a growing movement. Young people worldwide inspired by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg are raising their voices to demand climate action from world leaders. At the September 2019 climate strike and October Rally, Some Assembly stood in solidarity with youth climate activists including Sustainabiliteens, Greta Thunberg, 15 young people who are suing the federal government over climate inaction and Indigenous land defenders who’ve long been on the frontlines defending Mother Earth.

Some Assembly Theatre Company is in its 20th year of collaboratively creating and producing original plays that promote awareness, dialogue and positive social change about issues facing young people. The company is the recipient of the City of Vancouver Youth Award for outstanding contribution to the youth community and the Deryck Thomson Award for exceptional contribution to community building and wellbeing.


Playwright/Director/Producer/Set Design/Sound Design: Valerie Methot
Youth Writers/Actors: Haley Christenson Raylen Adriano, Rune Campbell, Fox Hunt, Ben Gauthier, Mitch Broome, Ron MacGillivray, Ciara Wilkinson, John Aung, Veronica Johns
Stage Manager/Set/Props Design: Athena Ivison
Video Design: Flick Harrison
Technical Director/Lights: Jeremy Baxter
Visual Artist/Set Painter: Duane Murrin
Movement/Physical Theatre Advisor/Mentor: Susan Bertoia
Acting Coaches/Mentors: Allen Morrison, Matt Clarke
Costumes: Nik McLaren, Anna Talbot
Costume Assistants: Joe Baker, Arianna Brewer
Musician/Percussionist: Patrick Graham
Musician/Production Assistant: Sophie Elder-Labrie
Music Mentors: Sophie Elder-Labrie, Stephen Fisk, Mark Luongo
Musicians: Raylen Adriano, Rune Campbell, John Aung, Mitch Broome, Haley Christenson, Veronica Johns
Poets: Latisha Wadhams , Tina Biello
Script Research Consultant/Environmentalist: Peter McCartney
Climate Activism Consultant: Michael Doherty
Climate Policy Analyst: Tom Green
Environmentalist Consultant: Isabelle Groc
Script Consultants: Allen Morrison, Susan Bertoia, Matt Clarke, Ljudmila Petrovic, Brogan Ho, Elodie Doumenc, Josh Kennedy, Denise Cachero, Devana Petrovic, Carly Le
Script Research: Students at Lord Roberts Elementary; Students at Britannia Secondary in PacStorm Program; Students at False Creek Elementary in the Climate Action Club
Make-up Advisor/Social Media Assistant: Brogan Ho
Photographer: Emily Cooper
Set/Props Design Assistants: Haley Christenson, Brogan Ho, John Aung, Raylen Adriano, Arianna Brewer, Joe Baker
Film Production Stage Manager: Chantele Fry
Head Electrician: Lukas McCormick
Head Sound: Eric St. Laurent
Camera/Film Facilitator/Editor: Flick Harrison
Camera: Sally Zori
Camera: Kryshan Randel

Key Partners: Vancouver Coastal Health, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre Community Partners and Sponsors: Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Wilderness Committee, Panago , Boxmaster, Methotical Productions, Vancouver School Board, Media Sponsor: The Georgia Straight

Funders: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Province of British Columbia, Coast Capital, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Foundation, Metro Vancouver, Telus, Hamber Foundation, Harvey McKinnon Associates, Private Donors.

Thank you Mary Dowdell, Deb Sears and Leah Stewart at Vancouver Coastal Health; DB Boyko, Hilary Davis and Hanne Lene Dalgleish at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre; Jen Rose at The Sarah McLachlan School of Music; Kelly Melsness and Murray Anderson and youth with SACY, Kevin MacLeod and staff at Vancouver Opera, The York Theatre, The Arts Club, UBC Opera; Calvin Jung, Stefan Smulovitz and students from Burnaby North Music Industry Connect Program and our Board of Directors France Perras, Chandra Lesmeister, Mary Aiello, Carolyn Wong, Alishah Virji and Sophie Yendole. Thank you to everyone who shared support for ‘Uprooted’.